Resolve Quicken Error Code 1603 [Installation/Runtime Error]

Do you encounter the quicken error code 1603 on your screen? Trouble dealing with the error? Worry not! Here is the solution for you.


Usually, a quicken error occurs when installing the setup or appears as a runtime error. In such a situation, you may get a notification popping the error repeatedly.


You may need to get rid of this or it will keep interrupting your work. It can even freeze your work if not dealt with on time.


Further, your important files may get locked temporarily or permanently. 

What Causes Error Code 1603 in Quicken and Why?

Mainly, quicken error occurs when installing the program. However, there are plenty of reasons such as a corrupt folder or incomplete installtion, and more.


Let’s first proceed with its causes and symptoms. 


Causes of Code Error 1603:


Encrypted folder.

Requires permission for the folder you want to install the file.

Any program related to quicken supportive data deleted erroneously or missing.

Incomplete software installation caused by a failure in the power supply or internet connection.


Symptoms of Code Error 1603:

Company files are deleted automatically or new files appear randomly.

Unexpected fall in internet connection, speed, and overall performance.

Files are padlocked or can be open with admin permission only.

Resolve Quicken Error 1603 [Step-by-Step Guide]

Before you follow the methods, you are suggested to install QCleanUI. The tool helps cleaning the system for any installed version or program of quicken.


Further, follow the steps to download and run QCleanUI:


Back up your quicken data.

Uninstall previously installed versions.

Create a new folder for installing the file on your PC.

Then, in the new folder, save “MSICLEAN.exe” and “QCleanUI.exe”.

Now, double-click on “QCleanUI.exe”.

Select all quicken pre-installed versions and Clean.

Lastly, select the Quiet tab and close the QCleanUI.

Method 1: Uninstall the old Quicken version


Press (Windows key + R) and a run box will pop out.

Type Control or Control Panel in it.

Under control panel windows click on Programs>>Programs and Features.

In the program, list look for Quicken and single click on it.

Click Uninstall>>Yes to confirm the uninstallation.

Follow on-screen instructions now.


Method 2: Grant Full Permission to System Account


Open File or Windows Explorer or press CTRL+E keys together.

Right-click to the drive where you want to install Quicken 

Click on Properties>> the Security tab.

Ensure you see the SYSTEM user account.

To change permission click Edit >> SYSTEM.

Verify that Permissions for SYSTEM is having Full Control.

Click Apply >> OK.

Back to the Properties dialogue box >> Advanced.

Click on Change permissions.

Under permission entries, select SYSTEM entry and click Edit menu.

Follow system screen instructions, select Apply>> choose folder>> subfolders>> files.

Click OK and wait until Quicken is installed.


With that, you will get rid of the Quicken error 1603. You can enjoy new or updated features of quicken. However, take leverage of our technical experts if stuck in between the steps or facing advance errors with 24*7 customer support across the globe.


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