Get Quick Ways To Move Quicken To New Computer

 Quicken is a robust finance management software purposely accessed by different organizations. Despite being the finest application, many Quicken users have several queries in their mind. One of the most common questions that numerous users usually ask is how to Move Quicken To A New Computer. However, transferring Quicken from an older computer to the newly-based computer system is quite tricky and somehow time-consuming. But a person who has strong technical skills can effortlessly complete this task within a couple of seconds. For a novice, we have made simple and easy guidelines through which he/she can move their Quicken in no time. Thus, let’s read the blog and follow the given course of action.

Things To Remember Before Taking A Step To Move Quicken To New Computer

Some basic points you should keep in mind during the time you Move Quicken To New Computer are enumerated underneath:

It is not required to buy a fresh copy of Quicken for moving your Quicken data files.

You should install the same version of Quicken on your current computer in which you are moving the file.

Frequently open Quicken from the browser on any system.

Although you backup your Quicken files, so do not open or run Quicken on the same network.

Immediately convert the files if the file is moved to a different version of Quicken.

Productive Ways To Move Quicken To New Computer

Various effective guidelines are noted in the below section that will assist you to transfer Quicken To New Computer. Therefore, without any delay start following the compiled instructions one after another. Let’s go!

Ways 1: Steps to Move Quicken Manually from one Computer to Another  

Here’s how to manually relocate your Quicken from one computer to another:

First and foremost, launch Quicken on your Windows.

Now, go to the “File” tab.

Choose Backup and Restore and then select Backup Quicken File.

Afterward, create a backup of your Quicken file in a local folder.

Plugin the removable disk, copy the backup in it, and then eject the disk.

Now, insert the disk in another computer in which Quicken is installed.

Then, copy the Quicken files into a local folder.

Afterward, open Quicken and again go to File.

Select Backup and Restore, then opt for the “Restore” tab from the backup file.

Next, go to the folder where you have previously copied the file.

And then finally, tap “Restore”.

Ways 2: Steps To Move Quicken For Mac From One Computer to Another   

Here are the suitable guidelines you should go through in a way to transfer Quicken for Mac:

First, you need to install the latest version of Quicken on your new Windows system.

Now, create a copy of your Quicken file and then move it to the external disk. Here’s how:

Ø Open Quicken from your old computer and then select the “File” tab.

Ø Then, select the “Save a Backup” tab.

Ø Afterward, backup your file to a disc or USB drive.

Thereafter, it is required to restore the copied Quicken file on your new computer. Here’s how to do so:

Ø First, you have to connect the disk or a USB drive to the new operating system.

Ø Next, open Quicken and choose the File menu

Ø Afterward, select Restore from Backup.

Ø After doing so, the external drive will be automatically stated under the Devices at the left corner.

Ø Now, choose your device and locate your backup file.

Ø Then, press the “Restore This File” tab and further save it to a local drive.

Ø In the end, click Restore to finally get the Quicken data files on new PC.

Obtain 24/7 Online Tech Support For Best Solving Guide

In the aforementioned, it is superbly described that how to Move Quicken To New Computer. Thus, you are always recommended to go through each step appropriately to hassle-freely transfer the Quicken. In case you find any difficulties while transferring Quicken from one PC to another, make an instant call to us. We are present round the clock at the toll-free proffered number to lend you a fruitful hand. So, just put a single call and stay tuned until your Quicken gets successfully moved to the new computer.


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